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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 29, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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firefighters battling a blaze stumble onto a crime. the giants are on top, coming off a series of record-breaking games. all your sports highlights. and new laws take effect in days, from tattoos to the dmv to recycling. san francisco police are on the hunt for the criminals who were operation an illegal marijuana grow operation. investigators say the pot bust came as firefighters were trying to put out a grass fire.
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>> reporter: the house firefighters fought to save turned out to be an in-door pot fire. they found about 30 mature marijuana plants. detectives say they were 3 feet tall, and worth about $75,000 in street value. >> i have no idea why they were doing that. >> reporter: pastor michael williams lives next door. he was shocked to see cops bring out the equipment. >> it's a dangerous proposition to deal with. you're putting people's lives at risk. and i personally don't care for drugs. >> reporter: san francisco police are looking for the renters. >> i don't even remember their names. nice guys, nice people. >> reporter: the marijuana grow had nothing to do with the grass fire. they just happened to discover the plants while working to save the house. fire crews positioned themselves at the house friday afternoon to protect it from fast-moving flames, burning in the back. the house is located at 100 hard
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oak drive in the bay view. investigators believe an encampment on the hillside may be to blame. >> we complained and complained and they finally cleared it out. and so now, it's in the last three or four years, a small group of people who live there. >> reporter: pastor williams called the fire a mixed blessing. the fire helped to knock down a crime next door. in the south bay, a reward now offered in the hopes of catching an arsonist. today, san jose police and firefighters going door to door, handing out fliers to residents. four fires in the last two days have been intentionally set, they believe. the blazes were sparked in trash cans. the san jose fire captain
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says whomever is to blame is trying to maximize damage. >> they ignited whatever products were found in here. this contains paper, combustible products, they lit them on fire, the cans burned very, very quickly. and the fire impinged upon the electrical panels. >> all the fires have happened late at night. more than two dodzen people have been force -- dozen people have been forced from their homes. this ten year-old boy who was shot yesterday in richmond, his condition is improving, but doctors are hesitant to remove the bullet from his body because they're worried it could do more harm than good. the lgs boy was outside -- the little boy was outside with family members when he was hit. a tenth hearing for the suspended san francisco sheriff. he is fighting to keep his job. the mayor says he doesn't deserve it.
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all that during the ethics hearing today as a threat brought the hearing to a halt. mirkarimi testified on his own behalf today, trying to convince the commission not to remove him from office. he was suspended after he pleaded guilty to a charge stemming from a fight with his wife. the incident left a bruise on her arm. taking the stand against him, mayor ed lee testified that in addition to the domestic violence incident, the sheriff tried to interfere with the police investigation. >> i believe that he was part of the effort to not have people talk to the police department. including his wife. >> in his defense, the suspended sheriff told the ethics conviction now that he is convicted, he is a better asset to serve san francisco's criminal justice system.
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the mayor's security whispered in his ear and abruptly escorted him out the courtroom. it was due to a threat. emotional testimony from the man accused of beating a former priest. william lynch in the red tie told the jury that father lindner molested him and his brother. lynch says the abuse destroyed his life. prosecutors say he attacked the former priest in 2010 at a los gatos retirement house. lynch has admitted to hitting the priest multiple times during the confrontation. a minister in fairfield is behind bars accused of molesting five boys 2 decades ago. he is also known as father silas.
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the sheriff deputies cracking down on any people who may be looking to harm children at the alameda county fair in pleasanton. among the measures, plain clothes officers as well as those in uniform are scouting the fair. the fair started on june the 20th, and an estimated 200,000 people gas passed through the gates. no problems have been reported. the san francisco giants in first place, and even though the team's streak of shutting out opponents ended tonight, fans are still excited about the team being on top. jeff bush was at at&t park. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: the rush was on at at&t park. employees opened the gates, and the fans couldn't wait to get inside. >> we love the giants! this is our year ! >> it's looking pretty good this year. on fire!
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>> so excited! [ laughter ] >> this year i'm really excited for the giants. after matt cain's perfect game, i feel like we have something really special going for us here. this year is the year. >> we're here to see matt cain. we're all pumped up . i even brought part of my family from south carolina. >> it's amazing. >> it's exciting . i'm so excited. i hope we get the fifth shutout game in a row. let's do it! >> we love it all! and we love that we shut those dodgers down! [ crowd noise ] kron4's sports director gary radnich will have the highlights from the game. pretty dark out there, traffic moving well. it's starting to cool off a bit. big difference from today. 65 in san francisco, 80 in fairfield,
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82 in napa. what will the weekend hold? >> a hockey coach accused of unsportsman like conduct. it was all caught on video. new state laws affecting everything from tattoos to dmv to recycling. and president obama tours the devastation from a deadly colorado wildfire. how california is now lending a helping a helping hand.
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[ cheering and applause ] >> this was a classic case of adults taking youth sports too seriously. this happened in vancouver. you can see a hockey coach tripping one of the opposing team's players. the coach is now in big trouble, not just with the hockey league, but perhaps in a court of law. >> what's seen on video seems
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to be an intentional trip, and any intentional contact like that would make out an assault. >> that alleged assault resulted in a serious injury. one of the players who were tripped ended up with a broken wrist. the coach involved has already been suspended. coming up later in this broadcast, the giants try and keep their incredible ditching streak alive versus dusty baker in cincinnati. as trying to crack through against the texas rangers. and maybe this time lance armstrong and his drug usage are going to have to face a trial.
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starting this sunday, registering your car will cost more, and getting a tattoo will be safer. a range of new laws and fees will take effect july 1st. >> the bay area has strict recycling regulations, but there has been no state law requiring apartment owners to provide facilities for their tenants. that changes on sunday when landlords and commercial businesses will be required to recycle. also taking effect, a new law that tightens controls on tattoo parlors and requires them to undergo annual health and safety training. >> going to the dmv will be even more painful.
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next week, the baseball car registration fee goes up by $12. and new car dealers can add up to $80 in fees for electronically registering the vehicle. and eye good day for geese. it will be illegal to sell or produce fois gras by force-fed birds. >> it's come way too far. >> two new laws on bullying go into effect. one from tom ammiano requires cool districts to adopt a uniform policy on bullying based on gender identification. and it requires officials to intervene. another gives victims priority for transferring schools and requires bullying prevention training. california firefighters are lending their support to the crews in colorado where a huge wildfire has already destroyed
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more than 300 homes. today, governor jerry brown authorized the national guard to use specialized aircraft based here to help battle the fire there. the cost will be reimbursed on the federal level. barack obama was at the scene of the fire today honoring the responders. >> when we had a chance on-site to see some guys who had just saved three homes in a community that had been devastated, those families, the work and the sacrifices of those firefighters means the world to them. and they are genuine heroes. >> as california's aid to colorado can be seen as returning the favor, back in 2008 colorado firefighters were a huge help in battling more than 2,000 fires which spread across california. in florida, the prosecution is now making its case that
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trayvon martin was murdered. george zimmerman admits to killing martin but says he did so in self defense. zimmerman asked the judge today to reinstate his bail which was revoked. let's get updatod your forecast. for -- updated on your forecast. the view here shows we're clear in terms of visibility right now. it could abe different story as we wake up tomorrow. today, we saw temperatures like this. mid-60s in san francisco and oakland. low to mid-70s down in the south bay, and across the east bay valleys, mid-70s to upper 70s. even an 80-degree in fairfield. warmer in napa, 82. 76 in santa rosa. as we transition into the weekend, take a look. we have the satellite raider view pushing in the marine lair. that's going to be -- layer. we're talking widespread cloud cover and fog. even by 9:00 am not much movement in the clouds
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am we'll push it to noon. some clearing seen out there toward the valleys, and by about 3:00 pm it'll clear enough that some of the east bay valley locations will warm up. take a look at the san jose area, 79 degrees. 80 right by campbell, 80 evergreen. it's going to be tough. that cloud cover is going to linger. if it stays out longer than we expect, maybe we don't get to the 80s. but we're going to push for 80. 71 in san leandro. san francisco, you're looking at 67 degrees with mid to upper 70s across the north bay. we're going to have a warmer day sunday, and an even warmer monday/tuesday. and your 4th of july is looking pretty good. patchy fog, the heaviest after 11:00.
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aaa says californians are making a mad dash out of town for 4th of july. nearly 4 million californians are driving to their holiday destination. they predict over 42 million people will travel 50 miles or more for the holiday. and as it approaches, oakland police and firefighters are on the lookout for illegal fireworks. of the fireworks in this video were purchased by undercover police earlier today. the suspect was arrested and could be charged with a felony. all fireworks are illegal in oakland, including the so-called safe and sane ones, which are approved by some other cities. investigators will be using shot-spotter technology to locate any fireworks being set off in oakland. the as shut down the
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rankers -- rangers until the 8th inning. make sure your 4th of july plans include watching kron4 this year. you will have the best seat in the house to watch fireworks from around the bay. we're the only station that brings you local fireworks live at 9 clock right here.
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if didn't take long for the giants' scoreless streak to end tonight. matt cain in pursuit. first pitch of the game, zach cozart if are the reds -- for the reds, and that's it. they score 3 in the 1st inning and never look back. oh, man! there's a blast! first reds pitcher since bronzo arroyo to score more than one in a season. 5-1 reds, but the dodgers lose again. r.a. dickey beats the dodgers. he of course works for the mets. so the giants stay one game up. as had the powerhouse texas rangers in the palm of their
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hands for most of the game. griffin striking out josh hamilton. aj griffin is his name. his major league debut looking pretty good. coko crisp singles to left field. and aj griffin, allowing one run, a 2-0 lead. misplays the ball, the rangers break into the lead in the 8th and nudge the as for the second night in a row by one run. 4-3. olympics qualify ing in san jose this evening. gold metalist in 2008 -- medallist, four years later, she falls on uneven bars, and will not make the olympic squad.
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jordan weaver, all but assuring a spot on the team. she's in there. the other spot, chosen by coach marta. lance armstrong has off the bicycle trouble again. the u.s. antidoping agency says its board has made a recommendation to file formal charges against armstrong. he will challenge. this is pointing toward his seven tour de france championships. he continues to say i'm innocent. venus williams was in the first round. going up against zulian bennito, they're going to go to a fifth set. he is taking it to the -- mcenroe. surviving
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at tenth, forced a tie-breaker. he wins 6-1 in the 5th. it was hot under the collar time for tiger woods and friends in washington dc. he hosts this event. congressional club in bethesda maryland. long birdie putt on 16. he shot 3 under 68 today. he is 5 shots back. for all this stuff , oh, tiger, the trouble, you know, and the stuff with the wife, he still has two tournaments that he hosts. he made, i guess, a cut. he made only $65 million last year. you know what i mean? for all the -- oh, tiger! i think he's through. he didn't do much here at the u.s. open the last two-day, but he's still the
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guys. >> everybody is interested. all right.
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